AAC is a specialized audit and consultancy company serving the outstanding companies of Turkey in the areas of independent audit, certification services, corporate finance, public offering, project financing, mergers and acquisitions, tax audit, internal audit and structuring, EU project consultancy and audit.

AAC, headquartered in Ankara, has representative offices in different parts of Turkey, especially in Istanbul and Kayseri.

In today’s globalized world, investment, mergers, and financial resources requirements of companies have increased, and the need to meet these requirements from financing institutions or international investors has emerged. Therefore, the importance of adequate and reliable financial information flow between enterprises has increased.

AAC, with its professional service and unconditional customer satisfaction approach, helps its customers to successfully adapt to today’s changing conditions and to evaluate any opportunities that may arise.

The AAC team consists of certified public accountants with academic career as faculty members in accounting, finance and audit departments of universities and who have gained experience as senior executives in the Ministry of Finance and the private sector.

AAC, with its public and private sector experienced and professional staff, provides academic knowledge and sector experience together to its clients, within the framework of reliability principle.

In today’s market conditions, where significant growth and institutional mergers are experienced, companies face a number of problems. With its visionary team leaders, AAC designs exclusive boutique services for every organization so its clients can overcome the challenges they face and capture the opportunities. The expert and experienced staff of AAC provides a global benchmark to improve the sectoral perspective.

The vision of AAC is always to be one step ahead in everywhere with an academically and industry-experienced point of view.