In today’s rapidly changing and globalizing world of economy, growth, opening up to new markets, recognizing competitors, determining the most suitable partnerships, corporate mergers and acquisitions are seen as indispensable elements of business life.

It is important for the sales and merger transactions to reach the desired targets and to determine the market values and the stock prices of the companies correctly during the realization of these transactions. Likewise, it is important that the strategies that will reduce the loss of value in capital increases are made with the right timing.

AAC, within the scope of corporate finance consultancy, provides services for the following subjects.

• Company valuation
• Brokerage operations
• Merger and acquisition consultancy
• Establishment of domestic and foreign business partnerships
• Financial Planning, borrowing and restructuring consultancy
• Pre-purchase company preliminary review – Due diligence
• Consultancy on funding from international and local capital markets
• Budget planning, deviation analysis
• Strategy analysis and management consulting
• Structuring of the organization
• Risk management
• Consultancy for companies that will operate in free zones during and after establishment
• Harmonization of free trade zone and Turkish financial legislation


Companies, in order to finance their growth targets may need capital. This capital requirement can also be met with the public offering of the shares. This kind of a transaction also allows existing shareholders to sell a portion of their investment.

AAC provides all advisory services without conflict of interest in the process of public offering of the company’s shares. In this way, AAC represents the interests of both shareholders and management.

AAC, with public offering consultancy;

• provides guidance to shareholders and / or management on whether the public offering transaction is appropriate, or on which conditions it may make sense.
• prepares the company for a successful public offering.
• guides the company by coordinating all parties (shareholders, management, legal advisors, auditors, and other potential parties) involved in the public offering process, from the beginning of the process up to the first day when the shares will be traded in the stock exchange.

The AAC team has many years of experience and a wide network of communication in the capital markets. AAC is ready to provide support to your company with consulting services that may be needed at all stages of the public offering process.