In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 3568;
Certified public accountants certify that the financial statements and tax returns of real persons and legal entities or their enterprises and businesses conform to the legal provisions, accounting principles and accounting standards.
Within the scope of the law numbered 3568, according to the related laws and regulations;


1. Full Certification Services

In accordance with the Law No. 3568, annual activities of real persons and legal entities or their enterprises and businesses are audited within the framework of tax legislation. Additionally, their annual financial statements and tax returns (income and corporate tax returns) are approved and the completed full certification reports are submitted to relevant tax offices.
Full certification service includes tax and accounting audit throughout the year, accurate calculation of the tax base at the end of the year, and reporting of audit results.

2. Certification of Value Added Tax (VAT) Return and Offsetting Transactions

In accordance with Value Added Tax Law No. 3065, there are some VAT exemptions. Some of these exceptions are as follows:
• Exception in export
• Exceptions related to sea, air and rail vehicles, floating facilities and vehicles
• Exceptions related to services provided at ports and airports for sea and air transport vehicles
• Exceptions related to construction, renewal and expansion of ports and airports
• Exceptions to international transport activities
According to the certified public accountants’ reports, the companies can take back the value added tax they paid in Turkey due to these activities from the tax offices in a short time or offset it from their public debts.

3. Other Certification Services

• Identification and approval of corporate tax exemptions
• Control and approval of revaluation procedures
• Certification of capital increase through internal funds
• Determination report of capital increase
• Determination processes related to loans
• Investigation of accounts and operations of organized industrial zones
• Reports on determination and assessment of inward processing certificate
• PCT return and offsetting transactions
• Preparation of internal audit and private investigation reports in companies
• Balance sheet preparation and auditing according to IAS standards


1- Income and Corporate Tax Transactions

Periodic audits carried out in the provisional tax periods and the detection reports prepared after these audits enable you to identify possible accounting and tax mistakes that may occur in your company’s financial structure and accounting system, and eliminate the large penalties that may arise from not correcting these mistakes. In addition, the AAC team publishes amendments to the financial legislation and submits them to its customers within 24 hours, with their clarifications.

The services provided in this framework are as follows:
• Approval of the annual income tax return
• Approval of the annual corporate tax return
• Investment allowances
• Transactions related to incentive, discount, exception, and exemptions
o Processes related to tax and similar issues in incentives for priority development regions
o Incentives covered by the refund of interest on loans
o Inflation adjustment or revaluation operations
o Support operations for R&D aids to be made by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
o Auditing and reporting of projects supported by European Union funds

2- Value Added Tax (VAT) and Private Consumption Tax (PCT) Transactions
• Certification of VAT and PCT Return and offsetting transactions
• Approval of the private consumption tax deferral or cancellation
• Certification of marine fuel consumption with zero PCT
• Certification of Customs Declaration