The most important factor in company acquisitions, share sales, and partnerships is the value of the company. Company value and risks must be determined objectively and independently. The value is supported by comparatives, global evidence and types of market modeling, and the actual value is presented to the investor in a report.

AAC’s valuation services consist of the following stages;
• Determination of operational data,
• Analysis of past years’ data,
• Creation of cash flow forecasts,
• Use of other assumptions,
• Calculation of the value of assets and company

It is not easy to achieve a satisfactory result for both parties without taking a very important reference price like a company value. So, usually, in the company acquisitions, one side gains while the other side loses.

In the valuation process, it is necessary to place all qualitative and quantitative values of the firm on account. This is because many factors influence the price, such as the sector in which the company operates, its assets and liabilities, cash flow, organizational structure, products and services, and management skills.

AAC ensures that the most accurate sales value is determined for your company in market conditions.

AAC, with company valuation services;

• evaluates your company’s activities in the previous years and determines your performance in the past years. For this purpose, your financial structure, growth trend, and profitability are determined by examining your financial results and, if necessary, your financial statements are prepared again.
• determines the value of the company’s current balance sheet by calculating the present values of the assets, debts, and equities in the consolidated financial statements.
• estimates your potential sales, period income, cash flows, and balance sheet size in future years, taking into account your company’s current situation.
• determines your company’s current market value by calculating the present value of the added values that your company will create in the future.